Lewandowski’s contract with Real Madrid comes to light


Robert Lewandowski has always been one of Real Madrid’s greatest objects of desire. After eliminating them from the Champions League in 2012/13, the white box tried hard to sign the striker, who ended up at Bayern.

Now, ‘Onet Sport’, half Polish, has revealed the contract that Lewandowski was going to sign. In this contract even the smallest detail was contemplated: the salary, the transfer bonus, the date on which he would receive each annuity as a Real Madrid player, and even the prohibition of practicing risk sports.

DONT USE Lewandowski contract

In this contract, you can see the figures that Lewandowski was going to collect as a Real Madrid player: 8,609,590 euros gross per season, twice, on February 10 and July 10, like all the footballers of the first team.

In addition, it has been revealed that the tip was going to charge a transfer premium of 10,957,650 euros gross in February 2015. In addition, you can see the sports that he could not practice if he signed for Real Madrid: riding a motorcycle, by boat motorboat, skiing, parachuting and any type of climbing.


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