listed value collapses, lost over 100 bln


Rome, August 1. (askanews) – The value of Italian listed companies falls: in one year, capitalization has fallen by over 100 billion euros. And the shares held by foreign companies in the stock exchange remain below the 50% threshold. This is what emerges from a study conducted by Unimpresa which highlights the risks for Italian groups of being prey to foreign companies.

“The total capitalization of listed companies in the country – says Unimpresa – fell, from 2019 to 2020, from 506 billion to 404 billion euro and during this period the ‘retreat’ by foreign subjects continued: they had over 51 % of Piazza Affari in June 2015 (282 billion), fell to 48% in March 2019 (246 billion) and then dropped again to 47% in March (192 billion) “.

The Italian business system remains family-run: “the overall shares of joint-stock companies, whose value has fallen by 234 billion to 2,060 billion in 12 months, are mostly in the hands of families with 36% of the total, followed by from 25% in the hands of foreigners, from 15% in the hands of companies and from 12% of banks “.

“The sharp drop in the overall value of our listed companies may represent, for foreign predators, the opportunity for purchases at particularly advantageous prices. The advance of foreign funds within our borders, if done for purely speculative purposes, is however a danger for our country-system and for Made in Italy. In fact, we would need stable investments, made for long-term prospects, capable of giving impetus to our economy. On the contrary, we run the risk of witnessing unarmed raids and final decline of Italy “commented the general secretary of Unimpresa, Raffaele Lauro.


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