Los Pedroches embarks on augmented reality to enhance its tourism


Madrid, Aug 2 (EFE) .- The region of Los Pedroches (Córdoba) embarks on augmented reality, hand in hand with Turpedroches, to promote rural tourism in its territory, with experiences that will allow visitors to travel to the past and visit your present in a different way.

This is stated in statements to Efe by one of the promoters of the project, Santos Ortega, who, together with Pedro Medel, is shaping this tourist revitalization plan, which both intend to be a boost for the region when it comes into operation.

It is, for example, that visitors to the Civil War air raid shelter in Villanueva de Córdoba not only observe the two galleries and the central hall -which sheltered this population when they announced bombings in the area-, but that they can revive a similar experience.

Turpedroches suggests that thanks to augmented reality glasses, along with other technological tools, tourists can do an ‘immersion’ in that episode and get an idea of ​​the situation lived there during the war.

The refuge is in the basement of the Plaza de España in the municipality and is one of the best preserved in Andalusia, in addition to having been recently named a Place of Democratic Memory.

The Mozarabic path to Santiago de Compostela runs through Los Pedroches and that attraction will also be the object of discovery through augmented reality.

In this case, the idea is to recreate the 10th century pilgrimage that leaves Córdoba for Santiago, obviously passing through the north of Córdoba; The user will have the possibility of interacting with a pilgrim of the time, who will inform him about the characteristics of the road in his time, the reasons for doing it or the description of what the Pedroches were like.

In addition, this virtual pilgrim will give clues about the connection of the Camino de Santiago with astronomy and the world of the stars, with which it will propose to visitors a journey through time and the universe, according to its promoter.

It is a nod to the fact that Los Pedroches has been declared a “Starlight Reserve” -one of the ten existing in the world- for the quality and clarity with which you can see the celestial vault on clear nights.

All this project also aims to reinforce the commitment to the tourist potential that the Camino de Santiago can give to this area, since, as Ortega recalls, it is trying to revitalize.

In fact, there are currently tourist packages focused on making a stage of the Mozarabic route between Alcaracejos and Hinojosa del Duque (about 30 kilometers), since it has all the signs and even a hostel on arrival.

The monuments of the region -especially those of the Hernán Ruiz brothers (such as the Sierra cathedral in Hinojosa or the Belalcázar castle) – are also included in this project, which will highlight their historical importance.

And a recreation of the architects Hernán Ruiz themselves will expose, virtually, their legacy in the Pedroches, with details of the different phases of construction of these monuments or with ancient anecdotes, such as the battles they witnessed.

The castle of the Sotomayor de Belalcázar, for its part, links its recent restoration – which has ‘returned’ the tourist circuit in the area – to augmented reality, which will offer another way to see a building with eight 22-meter towers. height, which even housed palatial rooms in Plateresque style.

Nature could not be left out of the Turpedroches plan, and its creators plan to develop an option for tourists to know how pigs were raised in the pasture or how their products were made in the 18th century, all from virtual hands. of a rancher of the time, who does not hesitate to travel to the 21st century to do so.

A new way of living and feeling the Pedroches because, according to Ortega, it is about getting “a trip through the senses”.

Juan Javier Ríos

(c) EFE Agency


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