LR deputy Guillaume Larrivé assumes that he hoped to enter government


Guillaume Larrivee would have “responded” to the Castex government. This is what this former adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy says at the Interior Ministry then at the Elysee and currently LR deputy, now close to the majority after to have been very critical, in an interview with JDD.

Of course I aspire to rule one day! We do not enter the political arena to comment on the battle. If the Head of State and the Prime Minister had offered me a ministerial mission in the service of the security and freedoms of the French, I would obviously have responded present, “he confides in the pages of the weekly.

In recent weeks, Guillaume Larrivé has stood out within his party, whose “sectarian tone” he deplores. He also voted confidence to the new prime minister, Jean Castex.

At the start of the school year, I will propose to the 13 LR deputies who, like me, did not vote against the Castex government, who also refuse to be frozen in a posture of systematic opposition, to bring them together “, he announces .

Avoid an “extremist” president

For the deputy, the six hundred days left in the government before the presidential election of 2022 must be “useful”.

We can do a lot in six hundred days and we must do it, he insists. It is vital for France. I do not want us to wake up on May 9, 2022, the day after the presidential election, with an extremist president, from the ultra-left or the ultra-right, ”he explains.

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