Massacre Bologna, Naples: democracy suffocates under mysteries


Rome, August 2. (askanews) – “A dark and sad page of the season of terror that bleed Italy from the 70s onwards. Unfortunately, not the only one. Because the thirst for truth and justice that animates the family members and relatives of the victims of the massacre of Bologna is the same that animates the other relatives of the victims of Ustica, of the train 904, of the National Bank of Agriculture and, not least, the family members of Aldo Moro and his escort. Pages of blood, written by servants of the State or by anonymous citizens, still left without a clear and definitive word on responsibilities and their authors “. So says Osvaldo Napoli in a note from the board of Forza Italia in the Chamber.

“This is all the soft underbelly of our democracy – he continues – The fear of looking at reality, of pronouncing clear words capable of breaking the opacity and the walls of silence built over time, have prevented the maturation of that civil spirit without which a Democracy languishes and risks suffocating under the weight of facts transformed into mysteries, either because of the inexperience of those who had to investigate, or because of the elusive if not homertile behaviors of those who had to watch, prevent and repress. Solidarity and closeness goes to family members of the victims of Bologna, but it is to be extended to all the families of the victims of the many, too many massacres left without a culprit “.


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