maximum 33 years and 5 second evenings on Rai1


New formula and format for Sanremo Giovani that in the 2020 edition (the regulation is online from today 1 August) lowers the age limit to participate in the selections to 33 years. “It will be the 70th edition plus one, a number that returns. I like to reveal the Sanremo Giovani regulation on August 1st. The Sanremo Festival 2021 officially begins, the edition of the rebirth after the Coronavirus. From September 1st on October 1st we will accept applications to look for a voice that will remain over time. There will be unique moments and with number one, obviously on Rai1. One, the perfect number, “said the artistic director and conductor of the Amadeus kermesse.

News, compared to the previous edition, also for the semifinal phase that will take place during the 5 episodes of ‘AmaSanremo’, the late evening broadcast on Rai1 aired from 29 October to 26 November.

On the final evening, the 10 selected young promises will compete, among which 6 of the 8 challengers from the New Proposals section will be chosen for the 71st edition of the Sanremo Festival (the other 2 places will be assigned through the selections of the Sanremo Area). Sanremo Giovani Serata Finale will be broadcast, again on Rai1, but in prime time on Thursday 17 December. The Sanremo Giovani 2020 regulation provides for the submission of requests to participate starting from 1st September. As usual, the Music Commission will listen to the admitted songs, then make a first preliminary selection for the live audition that will serve to compose the list of the 20 semi-finalists in the race during the 5 appointments of ‘AmaSanremo’.


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