Mbappé recovered for the shock against Bergamo?


The Paris striker may have recovered from his sprained ankle and be ready for the Champions League quarter-final.

A wind of optimism is blowing over the participation of Kylian Mbappé in the quarter-final of the Champions League against Atalanta Bergamo. While the capital club had indicated a few days ago that his striker, victim of a “sprained right ankle with significant lesion of the external lateral compartment” against Saint-Etienne on July 24 would be absent “about three weeks “, The team says this Saturday night that the international could finally be available for shock.

In training next Saturday?

In what state, is that the whole question? The daily assures that the ankle of the world champion “deflated quickly”, which is a good sign. The clinical and radiological examinations would also be “more and more reassuring”. Kylian Mbappé, who is actively pursuing his rehabilitation and who appeared all smiles on Friday at the Stade de France for the Ligue 1 Cup final against Lyon, could resume training on Saturday, three days after having made his first jogs , while the team will find themselves interning in Faro, Portugal.

A relative of the player even slipped daily that there would be “90% chance” that Mbappé is on the scoresheet on August 12. However, Mbappe’s tenure seems very hypothetical because the player will be sorely lacking in rhythm and competition in the legs. A (…) Read more on

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