McAllister calls Johnson to compromise with EU


Negotiations on EU-UK relations after Brexit are stuck. The EU insists on Britain surrendering.

Berlin (dpa) – The Brexit representative of the European Parliament, David McAllister, has called on the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to give in to the deadlocked negotiations on future relations with the European Union.

The CDU politician told the editorial network Germany (RND) that the EU had made “an offer to London that has never existed for a third country”.

After leaving the EU, Great Britain was temporarily part of the EU internal market and the customs union until the end of the year. If no trade agreement is concluded by then, customs duties will be reintroduced. 50 percent of UK exports will continue to go to the EU. “Of course, duty-free access to the largest single market in the world is an interesting offer for the British economy,” said McAllister. “In return, we demand a clear commitment to the applicable, fair conditions of competition on both sides of the English Channel.”

Johnson has so far refused and insists on his country’s sovereign decisions. A contract would have to be in place by October for it to enter into force in early 2021.

The chairman of the trade committee in the European Parliament, Bernd Lange, accused Johnson of ideological blinders. “I don’t think Johnson’s economic considerations matter,” the SPD politician told the RND. The British Prime Minister emphasized that the UK had come to new strength with the exit from the EU, but the reality is different. So Johnson would not get a free trade agreement with the US by the end of the year.


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