Merkel is smarter than Donald Trump


Chancellor Angela Merkel believes the niece of US President Donald Trump is significantly more intelligent than her uncle.

Trump’s niece Mary J. Trump’s book. (Image: Getty Images)

“The woman could easily surpass him intellectually,” said Mary Trump of the German press agency before the publication of her disclosure book “Too much and never enough – how my family created the most dangerous man in the world” in Germany on August 12th. “I think he hates that. And it drives him crazy. ”

The doctor of psychology said that she believes that Trump’s difficult relationship with Germany is partly due to the fact that Merkel is a strong woman. “And Donald doesn’t get along well with strong women.”

Granddaughter warns of Trump’s re-election

In her book, Mary Trump warns of an “end to American democracy” if Republican Donald Trump is re-elected in November. The dpa said she would vote for its democratic challenger Joe Biden. “I am a liberal democrat.”

But it is no longer a question of party affiliation, but of what is right and what is wrong. One goal of her book is to provide the Americans with information that they did not have in the 2016 election. “Regardless of how people vote in November, they can’t say anymore: Oh, you know, I didn’t know that, I didn’t know he did that.”

Survey: Criticism of Trump’s corona management is growing

Mary Trump said that as a building contractor in New York, Donald Trump claimed to be someone with Swedish roots, even though his family was from Germany on his mother’s side and from Scotland on his mother’s side. Trump was concerned not to offend Jewish business partners in New York. “We don’t have anything Swedish in our family at all. I’m not sure why he didn’t say Scottish,” said Mary Trump. “We made fun of it because it was so ridiculous.”

“He lied every day of his life”

Mary Trump certified her uncle to be a pathological liar. “He lied every day of his life.” She also accused Donald Trump of being a racist. “I don’t think there is a question.” Mary Trump criticized that many US media criticized her uncle too cautiously for not having named his lies as such for a long time and categorizing his statements as “racist”. “No, they’re racist. He’s a racist. That has to be said clearly.”

The psychologist also explained Trump’s behavior in the corona crisis with family history. In her grandfather’s house – Trump’s father – there was an atmosphere in which it was not allowed to express negative things, said Mary Trump. “Donald learned that lesson too. You don’t talk about something negative. You don’t recognize it. You ignore it and it will go away. Obviously it didn’t happen.” A course correction would have been an admission of a mistake. “And he’s just as incapable of doing so, because in my family it was considered deadly weakness to apologize or to admit that you were wrong.”

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Mary Trump is the daughter of Donald Trump’s eldest brother Fred, who died in 1981. Her much-read book had already been published in the USA in the middle of last month. Donald Trump’s younger brother Robert Trump had failed at the last minute to request injunctions to stop publication against the author and Simon & Schuster from a New York court. In Germany the book will be published on August 12 by Heyne-Verlag.

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