Meuse for nationally regulated easing of entry bans for unmarried couples


Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) has asked his cabinet colleague Horst Seehofer (CSU) for a quick solution for unmarried couples who have not been allowed to visit them for months because of the strict Corona entry requirements. “Germany should be pioneers in Europe and not laggards when it comes to bringing back loved ones who have been torn apart by Corona for months,” Maas told Der Spiegel on Saturday. Instead of the European regulation demanded by Seehofer, Maas pleaded for national solutions.

“It is good that we are working on a European solution, but in the meantime we have to use the legal leeway we have to offer pragmatic solutions for the hardest hit couples,” said Maas. According to “Spiegel”, the responsible committee in Brussels will not meet again until the end of August.

Seehofer had previously said that he wanted to campaign in the EU for easing entry bans for unmarried couples. He was in favor of such a relaxation, Seehofer emphasized in the “Passauer Neue Presse” on Friday. However, he rejected national solutions. “This should be done across Europe and that is primarily the responsibility of the European Commission,” said the Interior Minister.

Many unmarried binational couples have not been able to see their partners for months because of corona restrictions. Politicians from different parties are pushing for a change. As the “Spiegel” reported, some EU countries are already going their own ways on the subject. The Netherlands, for example, allows partners from third countries to enter if they have had a relationship with a Dutch citizen for a long time.


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