Mexican family builds replica of the Kansas Chiefs stadium


Guadalajara (Mexico), Aug 1 (EFE) .- With some 9,000 pieces, a family from Guadalajara, western Mexico, builds a scale replica of Arrow Head Stadium, home of the Kansas City Chiefs football team as occupational therapy in isolation.

Gustavo Torres, an architect and real estate businessman, told Efe that in March, when the isolation began for COVID-19, he resumed his hobby of drawing stadiums to kill time.

A few days later, the idea began to bring the paper project to reality by turning his dream of an architect into a miniature creation of the NFL Champions Stadium.

After several weeks of making the plans in a software based on photographs, videos and satellite images, he began to shape the MDF wood pieces using the laser cutting technique and ordered to build a base to place the model.

Soon his nephew Ricardo Fernández, a civil engineer, joined the job. Then another nephew contributed his programming knowledge to create an interactive lighting system that could be adapted to the characteristics of the stadium.

A little more than four months after it started, the family has invested about 25 hours of work per week in putting together almost 9,000 pieces and 70,000 pesos (about $ 3,500) to bring the model to life in honor of the Chiefs’ championship.

“It is the closest thing we could do, the part that cost us the most work was what the name of the stadium says, which is an arrowhead. Approaching those curves and the stadium growing in that way is what is closest to reality, “he explained.

The stadium is painstakingly thought out and worked at a scale of 1: 125 on the original design of the stadium built in the 1970s with the classic shape that resembles an arrowhead.

In addition to the entrance area with food stalls and bathrooms, the design considers the spaces of the box of the owner of the team and the private areas, two video screens, the court with access to the changing rooms, the external access ramps and the fences of 72,000 seats for fans.

What started as an entertainment project became a form of family coexistence, as Gustavo’s daughters gather around the stadium every Sunday to measure and glue pieces.

“This turned into a family project, a party every weekend with music, making jokes. I never thought it was going to be a family integration project, but it gradually became that little by little,” he said.

The creators plan to work throughout August to complete the upper part of the stands, the ramps and the system that will give life to the video screens that will be able to transmit previously programmed images, in addition to a system to generate smoke and simulate the departure of the equipment in every game on the court.

The intention is to “open” the stadium in September in parallel with the initial kick of the NFL season and later that it can be lent to museums, sports bars, shopping malls and public places so that people can know and appreciate it.

Torres revealed that his idea is that the project generate economic resources that are destined for the families of the medical personnel who died from COVID-19.

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