Migrants, 18 flee from isolation in the province of Latina: tracked down in 13


During the night, 18 migrants transferred to Latina on 28 July and currently housed in the Cas di Cori (Latina), all already subjected to tampons and negative results at Covid-19, left the facility where they were observing the period of fiduciary surveillance .

From the first reconstruction of the police, it emerged that the 18 people left around midnight after climbing over a side wall of the building in dribs and evading surveillance by the police forces present on the spot. Immediately after hearing the news of the removal, the commissioner, together with staff from the steering wheels, Digos, the Flying Squad and the Cisterna di Latina police station, directed the research in the surrounding areas, which made it possible to trace seven immigrants, who had hidden in the countryside surrounding the railway station of Cisterna (Latina) and along the tracks.

The police of Rome Termini were also provided with photographs of the foreigners not yet traced, believing that they could have taken the first useful train, of 5 o’clock, to Rome: there, in fact, six other migrants who had reached on foot were stopped Latina Scalo. The search for the other five foreigners continues.


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