Migrants, Mayor Pozzallo: & quot; In the hotspot 239 guests, 20 positive & quot;


“The quarantine ship is fine but does not solve the problem. Mine is not a criticism of the Ministry of the Interior which is making great efforts that are there for all to see. But mine wants to be a stimulus to the Government to listen more to the territories “. To say it to Adnkronos is the mayor of Pozzallo (Ragusa) Roberto Ammatuna. There are currently 239 guests in the Pozzallo hotspot, 20 of which are positive at Covid 19 and housed in two tents inside the structure, divided by the others. “Today the situation is calm – Ammatuna says – we are waiting between tonight and tomorrow morning for the first quarantine ship. We have become a transit port. Let’s see what will happen in the next few days”. Then he stressed that the “Interior Ministry has played an important role, but the issue of immigration has been underestimated by the Italian government – he says – the problem must involve more ministries. The problem cannot be solved by ship”. And he remembers: “It cannot be left entirely to the territories, clinical protocols are needed. I repeat, mine are not critical, I ask to listen to us more”.


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