Mike Krüger tries Sylt instead of Spain


Actually, comedian and singer Mike Krüger wanted to spend the summer in warm Spain. But because of Corona nothing came of his plans. Where the 68-year-old is headed instead, he has revealed to the German Press Agency.

Hamburg (dpa) – The Hamburg singer Mike Krüger has changed his summer travel plans due to the corona. «We canceled several vacation trips very early. Mostly all of Spain. Mallorca is of course deleted. We wanted to go to friends in Marbella. Also deleted, »says the 68-year-old comedian.

Instead, his wife and he want to go on vacation nearby. Sylt is on the map. “Let’s see how we like it and how full it is.” Otherwise, the terrace should be announced first.

Nevertheless, he had not discovered the great gardener in himself in the past few months. «It won’t happen either. To the grief of my wife, who is still hoping that I will become a gardener. » Instead, he played more on his guitar during the Corona period and picked out a few old songs by other artists «that I always wanted to play». In a CD or the like that will probably not lead to. «I don’t think so. This is extremely time-consuming. I’ve published so much in my life. That will be good at some point. »

Mike Krüger published his song “Der Nippel” 40 years ago. The song became a number 1 hit. A few weeks ago he had added two corona stanzas to the song for a Hamburg newspaper.


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