Milan, policemen pretend to be riders and arrest drug dealer


Milan, August 1. (askanews) – He was hiding over a kilo of marijuana in his Milan apartment. The cops spotted him and arrested him pretending to be home delivery pizza riders. An unsuspected 31-year-old advertising photographer has ended up in handcuffs: he will have to defend himself from the accusation of drug possession for the purpose of drug dealing.

Already at the beginning of the week, the agents of the Garbialdi Venenzia Commissariat had identified an apartment in an apartment building in via Padre Luigi Monti, in the Niguarda area, as a possible outlet. So yesterday, around dinner time, the trap started: the policemen, disguised as riders, entered the building without arousing particular surprise among the tenants. Arriving on the top floor, their attitude did not appeal to a man who, aggressively, asked for explanations about their presence.

His attitude changed when the fake riders qualified as agents by showing their card: signs of nervousness and agitation that led the agents, increasingly convinced that they had identified the person they were looking for, to carry out a personal search and at home. In addition to a kilo and 100 grams of marijuana, divided into 7 packs according to the effects and the type, 100 grams of hash were also found in the apartment, 3 thousand euros in cash believed to be the proceeds of the drug dealing activity, a machine for pack the “vacuum” drug, some special cellophane bags and a precision balance.


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