“More infections lead to more deaths”


“We cannot afford to give up the precautions. Italy, thanks to a serious lockdown, has an advantage over many other countries, which however can be lost at the first distraction”. Massimo Galli, professor of infectious diseases at the State University of Milan and head of the Sacco hospital, says it in an interview with the newspaper ‘La Stampa’.

Galli agrees with the hard line of the Technical Scientific Committee on trains: “I understand tourists who travel uncomfortable, but if I have to do my job I say that it is better to wait to take the distances away. Cts too hard? My colleagues are not they were born yesterday. They seem severe, but often I find myself in line with their decisions “.

“Did the hard line pass even on discotheques? Crowds must be avoided, even at the stadium, and even outdoors in the event of close contacts it is good not to forget distances and masks”. “If the virus has changed? It is the same as the beginning and hoping that it will disappear on its own as Sars seems complicated to me. On the second wave it is not a question of seasons, but of outbreaks that do not get out of control,” he added.

“The controversy over migrants is instrumental, there is much more virus in Italy than it can get from them, even if in a globalized world every entry is risky”, concluded Galli.


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