More than 124,000 sanctioned for breaching the curfew in Ecuador


Quito, Aug 1 (EFE) .- More than 124,000 people have been sanctioned in Ecuador for failing to comply with the curfew, according to the schedules established in the so-called epidemiological traffic light, which governs the country for a gradual de-escalation of the imposed restriction measures due to coronavirus.

According to the statistics revealed this Saturday by the Government Ministry, and which have collected data since March 17, in Ecuador 124,397 people have been punished for failing to comply with the curfew for the first time and 10,557 for having done it a second time.

The first sanction carries a fine of one hundred dollars and the second a unified salary (400 dollars), while the third represents the arrest of people.

Ecuador is in a gradual process of de-escalation to move from isolation to physical distancing at a time when contagions exceed 85,000 confirmed by rapid tests and PCR.

Since June 3, the Ecuadorian capital, Quito, has gone from red to yellow at the epidemiological traffic light, which governs the country, and since then contagions have increased, so controls have been strengthened, including with the Police and Army intervention, to avoid crowds.

But, the increase in coronavirus cases in Ecuador has led the Emergency Operations Committee (COE) to extend, since July 23, certain restrictions on mobility in most of the country’s provinces.

Along these lines, meetings with more than 25 people are prohibited and the curfew hours are extended in the jurisdictions where the new measures are applied.

But because the contagions continue, the national COE issued last Thursday 16 mandatory regulations for the entire country, regardless of the color of the epidemiological traffic light, in order to contain the spread of COVID-19.

These include the closure of international land borders, the prohibition of face-to-face classes at all educational levels, the closure of bars, discos and leisure centers, as well as children’s venues.

In addition, on Wednesday the sale of liquor was prohibited from Friday to Sunday, a measure that has already entered into force and will be extended during the first half of August.

According to official data, the number of positives for COVID-19 in Ecuador rose to 85,355 on Friday, 985 new cases compared to Thursday, while deaths confirmed by coronavirus totaled 5,702 and 3,470 probable deaths from the disease.

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