More trouble to the Fuenlabrada Case


Parallel to the proposal from the RFEF to create a league in the Second Division with 24 teamss (including Deportivo and Numancia) there was a demonstration in the streets of La Coruña where thousands of fans went out with their cars, supporting the protest called by the Federation of Peñas of the Galician team.

Fernando Vázquez, a Coruña technician, led this claim with his car as the spearhead of many others who followed him. They all left from Riazor, next to the stadium of the Sports and the movement was such that the last cars to leave took over an hour to join the demonstration. Fate, the Galician Football Federation.

It so happens that sportsmanship traces the movement of the other powerful Galician club, Celta, who together with Sevilla starred in a flood of people demonstrating in the streets 25 years ago when the administrative decline of both occurred. On that occasion and after 16 days of uncertainty, the protests took effect and achieved the goal that both clubs did not descend from category, forming a League of 22. Prelude to a league of 24 in Second?


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