“My dream is to be able to return to Barça one day and be important”


Barcelona, ​​Aug 1 (EFE) .- Claudia Pina (Montcada i Reixac, 2001) is one of the great promises of Spanish football and Barça. The Catalan club renewed it this summer until 2023, but shortly afterwards it was transferred to Seville for a season so that it can have minutes in the First Iberdrola and thus take the football leap that allows it to become an important piece of the current European runner-up.

In an interview with EFE, Pina explains that returning to Barça is her dream, while also admitting that she aims to earn a place in the Spanish national team with a view to the Euro Cup in 2022. But earlier this winter if the coronavirus did allows, a U-20 World Cup awaits you.

Question: How was your first week in Seville?

Answer: Very well, I am adapting very well. The only bad thing is the heat at this time of year. But the integration with the teammates and the coaching staff is being very pleasant. They are making it very easy for me.

Q: In addition, shortly after signing the loan, Barça also transferred Sevilla to a good acquaintance of yours, Carla Armengol. Is your support making acclimatization easier for you?

A: Yes, in the end meeting someone when you go to a new place makes everything easier. In fact, I am living with her.

Q: And last season another Barça player like Cata Coll was also on loan at Sevilla. Did your assessment influence you when opting for a transfer to the Andalusian team?

A: Cata Coll’s good experience at Sevilla was one of the factors why I opted for this team, but there are many more reasons that have led me here, such as the possibility of having minutes at the First Iberdrola in such a club. great like this.

Q: Precisely, the fact that it is the first season in which you will have many minutes in the First Iberdrola makes it the most important of your individual career?

A: I think each season has been important to my career. The relevant thing is to take steps forward in each of them and in this I am faced with the possibility of settling in the First Iberdrola.

Q: Sevilla finished last year in eleventh position. Will this year be more ambitious?

A: At Sevilla we don’t talk about goals, the philosophy of the club is to focus on the day-to-day and, if we work, the goals will ultimately be met.

Q: This summer the Primera Iberdrola teams are reinforcing themselves with great players and the average level of the competition is expected to be higher than in the previous year. Do you think there will be more equality between the top and bottom teams than in other seasons?

A: I think so. Anything that the teams bet on women’s football and that they bring TOP players is good news for us.

Q: Before leaving on loan to Sevilla, Barça renewed it until 2023. What does this contract mean to you?

A: Barça has been the team of all my life and I hope I can spend many more years there, so this renewal for three years makes me very happy.

Q: Do you see yourself with a position in the starting line for Barça once your assignment at Sevilla ends?

A: Why not? In the end my dream is to be able to return one day and be important there.

Q: In a few weeks the Champions League returns. Do you see that your former teammates can repeat the feat of reaching the final like last year?

A: Last year we showed that Barça can be there and this year I even see the best players mentally prepared because they already know what it is to play a final. So for me they are not only candidates to reach the final, but also to be able to win it.

Q: It’s been a strange few months for the world of sports and, especially, for professional women’s football, which has not resumed competitions as the men’s has. Have these months of confinement been tough with no competitions in sight?

A: The truth is that yes, they have been long. I really wanted to get back on the pitch. But in the meantime we have continued training at home to be able to return in good condition. Now that we are training, the fact that we can do it is valued more than before.

Q: Does it physically feel good?

A: I was lucky to be able to train practically a month with Barça until the end of June and that has allowed me to reach a good level at the start of the preseason with Sevilla.

Q: The Euro Cup has been postponed from 2021 to 2022. Is your goal to play it after the successes achieved in the lower categories of the national team?

A: My goal is to end up playing for the absolute Spanish team, be it within three months or two years. I will continue working for it, but first we have an U-20 World Cup (to be played between January and February 2021) that I hope to be able to go to finish my stage as an U-20 player.

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