Naples, implanted insulin pump with premature baby with diabetes


An insulin pump installed in a 20-day-old infant, just one kilo premature, suffering from rare neonatal diabetes. The surgery was performed at the Vanvitelli Polyclinic in Naples, where the little girl is hospitalized in neonatal intensive care. It is an integrated insulin pump with a continuous glucose sensor, able to automatically suspend the delivery of insulin, a predictive sensor that warns if there are risks of hypo or hyperglycaemia episodes.

Thanks to an interdivisional activity, the university hospital ‘Luigi Vanvitelli’, directed by Antonio Giordano, offered the little patient, initially assisted in the ‘Moscati’ hospital in Avellino, a 360-degree assistance with the help of pediatricians, neonatologists, neonatal diabetologists present in the Polyclinic. Rare disease is often associated with low weight and the presence of experts in the same place makes the route easier.

In fact, there are two highly specialized teams on the field. The therapy is entrusted to the professionals of the pediatric diabetes clinic ‘G.Stoppoloni’ led by professor Dario Iafusco, one of the leading Italian experts in neonatal diabetes, and to doctor Angela Zanfardino, expert in technologies for the management of diabetes mellitus.

The constant and careful monitoring, on the other hand, sees the neonatal intensive care, led by doctor Mauro Carpentieri, as the protagonist. In this Unit, for the year 2019 alone, almost 200 newborn babies have been hospitalized. Of these 40% premature low weight; 10% refer to infants under 1500 grams. There was no shortage of asphyxiated infants (hypothermic therapy).


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