New weight-loss show lets the kilos drop even in dogs


At “The Biggest Loser” men and women are fighting their pounds – in the new SAT.1 show “My dog, the kilos and me”, obesity dogs are getting down to business. Can you manage to lose weight with your owners?

The weight loss show “The Biggest Loser” has been running successfully on SAT.1 for almost ten years – it is a fixture at the Munich broadcaster. Now a similar show concept should also attract animal lovers: On Sunday, August 16, the new reality documentary “My dog, the kilos and me” will start at 5.50 p.m. In the four episodes, which are shown on Sundays, not only the masters and mothers have to get rid of their kilos, but also their overweight dogs should slim down.

Together, five human and dog duos start the challenge of fighting their pounds – and for many it is more difficult than expected. “I know from my own experience: Resisting a begging, faithful dog look is almost impossible,” says animal lover Jochen Bendel, who will moderate the show. “But whoever feeds his ‘best friend’ off the table or offers treats in abundance quickly slips into a vicious cycle. This makes dogs sick and unhappy – many people are not aware of this.”

In order to get rid of the superfluous kilos, the five candidates have to give everything they can with their dogs for swimming and endurance training as well as for coaching courses. As coaches, dog training consultant Holger Schüler and fitness trainer Marion Luck assist the owners and mistress to support them in their project. As with “The Biggest Loser”, it comes to the scales at the end of each episode. Which team has lost the most weight? The effort will be worth it: a golden bone awaits the winner and a trip to a dog wellness hotel including 5,000 euros in spending money.


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