no quarantine but “120 hours”


Rome, August 1. (askanews) – After Health Minister Roberto Speranza decided to keep the quarantine for those returning from Romania, refusing the proposal for a “Green Corridor” for entrepreneurs, managers and technicians traveling between Italy and Romania, Confidustria Romania has decided to take a further step to find a solution to the situation created by the coronavirus emergency. The creation of an emergency order for the “120 hours”, that is, a provisional measure that allows to move between Italy and Romania, without a quarantine obligation, for a limited period of time, in compliance with the main prevention and permanence rules . An idea that of the confindustrial representation in Romania that could open a window for the tens of thousands of Italian companies and for the many workers as early as next week.

“Confindustria Romania cannot accept that entrepreneurs, managers, technicians who have economic activities and interactions between Italy and Romania cannot be put in a position to carry out their work – underlines the representation in a communication addressed to the Minister of Health – Always in a From a collaborative and proactive perspective, we once again address to the Italian Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, an alternative proposal that would solve, even if only temporarily, this enormous problem for the Italian Industry in Romania “.

“We therefore ask for an emergency order for the ‘120 HOURS’ – launches Confindustria Romania – the 120 hours would include the type of typical week for those who work between Italy and Romania, including the first day of arrival, Monday, and the last day that of departure, almost always on Friday. It would all be reduced to just over 72 hours of real stay on Romanian or Italian territory “.

“As president of Confindustria Romania and as an entrepreneur, I believe that politics must safeguard the vital pillars for a nation’s economy, including companies, production and distribution, through a new long-term vision, much more far-sighted – he underlines Giulio Bertola, president of Confindustria Romania – We must understand that only through rapid planning, truly shared between the various forces of the country and the world of work, could we create the basis for the restart. We therefore officially ask Minister Speranza to positively evaluate the possibility to find a meeting point to give support to the productive world between the two countries and, this our latest proposal, could really be one. We also believe it desirable that the implementing rules relating to the possible new Decree on the ‘120 HOURS’, may clarify in univocally all the procedures to be followed in order to take advantage of this eventual opportunity “.

“We are at the forefront of a strategic issue for the company, we are alone, but responsibly we intend to proceed decisively until a solution is reached – adds Bertola defending the interests of over 23 thousand Italian companies present and active in Romania – The honor of the Representation it must always be accompanied by the burden of producing concrete solutions to the problems of the businesses to which people and families refer who need, today more than ever, support, closeness and comfort. This must take place before the competition, of late accreditation on other people’s actions. Our Confindustria in Romania has chosen the path of transparency, frankness and concreteness, we do not try to be nice but certainly useful, and we are proud of this “.


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