no to stew, single network is managed by TIM


Rome, August 2. (askanews) – “There cannot be a newco that integrates TIM’s fixed network with that of Open Fiber whose control is not entrusted to TIM. Someone is heard to speak, in a surreal way, of alleged stew and separation projects of the network from the services or management of the network not entrusted to TIM. We express total opposition to these scenarios “. This was stated in a note by Franco Lombardi, president of Asati, the TIM Small Shareholders and Employees Association.

“The strategic priority when talking about the ‘single network’ – continues the note – is above all to defend the industrial and professional skills of the entire perimeter of the TIM group in Italy, its network, its assets and over 40 thousand employees , professionalism unanimously considered of excellence and that in the dramatic confinement phase for Covid-19 never stopped but on the contrary they allowed the Italians to be connected without ever lowering the quality of the service, present 24 hours for every need of the users, developing and strengthening the network that has recorded unprecedented traffic peaks since its construction without ever giving in. “

“Open Fiber, which has won the tenders for white areas, is, up to now – it is stated in the note – considerably late for the construction of the UBB network and does not seem to be able to achieve coverage by at least 30 Mbit by 2020 / s provided by the European Commission. There is no alternative to TIM, except the delay of unfulfilled delays and plans which have so far resulted in the exclusion of many Italians from the advantages that digitalization allows in school, work and life. newspapers of many citizens and businesses “.


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