Olympic runner-up Orozco says she’s in force to fight medals in Tokyo


Guadalajara (Mexico), Jul 31 (EFE) .- The Mexican Alejandra Orozco, Olympic jump runner-up in London 2012, said on Friday that she is in force to fight for a medal at the Tokyo 2020 Games, to be held next year.

“Winning medals at the 2019 Pan American Games helped me know that I am on the move for Tokyo and that there is a lot ahead of me. I feel good physically and mentally, in addition to being in a good age (23 years),” he said at the press.

In Lima 2019, Orozco achieved a bronze metal in the individual platform and a silver in the synchronized ones with his partner, Gabriel Agúndez.

The native of Jalisco will live in Tokyo for her third Olympic Games, but before she will have to fight with her teammates in the national teams to represent Mexico.

Orozco, the youngest Mexican to win an Olympic medal in jumps, suffered a few days ago the fire in the gym where she trained in Guadalajara together with Agúndez and the Olympic runners-up Germán Sánchez, Paola Espinosa and Iván García.

“It was hard to lose the gym because it is a place where we all grew up, those medals were created there. We were not sure what was going to happen, but a few days ago we received the support of the Jalisco authorities,” he said.

The Jalisco authorities promised Orozco and his coach Iván Bautista that they will invest 85 million pesos (3.8 million dollars) to build a new sports complex where both jumping and gym athletes can practice.

The Mexican woman resumed her training for more than a month for Tokyo 2020 at the hands of Bautista and although she recognized that the delay in the Olympic Games due to the COVID-19 pandemic changed her work plan, she overcame adversity.

“An athlete is prepared for what he cannot control. Iván and I adapted; he was always on the lookout to avoid wasting time. The plan had to be undone, but a new one was made to look for more Olympic medals,” he concluded.

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