OM: Ajroudi, sale… McCourt would be in enormous difficulty!


Frank McCourt could well refuse the OM buyout offer made by Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi and his partners. However, the Franco-Tunisian businessman could return to business in particular because of the great financial difficulties of the Marseille club.

L’IF is going through a rather murky period. The Marseille club is encountering serious financial difficulties and the health crisis has only worsened the situation: ” We have no football related income since March »A club member indicated to L’Express. L’IF would show a deficit of around 100M € and must find liquidity in particular to finance the next operations. Director General of LFP, Didier Quillot had indicated that Mediapro should pay football clubs, in early August, nearly € 250 million in national and international TV rights. A breath of fresh air for the current management and in particular for Frank McCourt which would be in great difficulty.

McCourt would seek help from the banks

Owner ofIF since 2016, Frank McCourt would lose huge amount of money every year and this is not the qualification for the next Champions League who will regulate the affairs of the American. To believe, Marc Descheneaux, financial lawyer of Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi who is working on the project to buy back theIF, Frank McCourt would seek capital: ” When someone looks for financing in the capital market, it is in principle because he has no money himself.…

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