Online child pornography, police report 9 people


Rome, August 1. (askanews) – The Postal Police reported 9 people for the crimes of disclosure, transfer, possession of child pornography and instigation of aggravated crime. The investigation activity – it is explained in a note – originated from the analysis performed on the mobile phone of a subject searched for similar facts on which chats, images and videos of a child pornographic nature were found, with the involvement also of children at a very young age.

At the end of the investigations, conducted on the main social networks, the Florence Postal Police identified the subjects who for various reasons held or exchanged child pornographic images and videos for which the Assistant Attorney dr. Luca Tescaroli issued the search decrees on the suspects, making it possible to block the progressive spread of the participants in the group.

In the chat they exchanged advice on how to evade the investigation activities of the Postal Police and were very active and eager to get hold of increasingly bloody child pornography images and videos with babies, children and adolescents. (Continued)


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