Orlandi case, family entrusts commission for Teutonic bone tests


Emanuela Orlandi’s family has entrusted the task to carry out the analysis on some bone fragments found in the Teutonic cemetery, inside the Vatican City, a year ago. The family members of the girl who passed away on 22 June thirty-seven years ago decided to carry out privately the checks of the bone residues selected by their consultants, Dr. Giorgio Portera and Dr. Laura Donato, following the activities carried out in July 2019 at the Vatican cemetery .

The analyzes will be performed at the Toma Lab laboratory in Busto Arsizio for the genetic part, and at the Cedad of the University of Salento for radiocarbon dating.

“Carrying out the analysis on the residues is a necessary act – the lawyer Laura Sgrò, lawyer of the Orlandi family, tells Adnkronos – because it is necessary to dispel any doubt about this controversial story, although the way forward has still been incomprehensible established by the Vatican authorities “.

With an application filed last June 25 to the single judge of the Vatican City State, Emanuela’s family had, in fact, decided to oppose the filing of the proceeding relating to the case of the remains found at the Teutonic cemetery, announcing, inter alia , of wanting to carry out investigations on bone fragments.

An act in which the lawyer Sgrò also asked to listen to his brother Pietro Orlandi and the acquisition of the complete documentation of the activity carried out by the office of the Promoter with a copy of the videos of the expert’s activity.


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