Pay attention to cooling with melon to go


In the refrigerated shelves of grocery stores, packs and mugs with pieces of melon already cut tempt you to buy them. But how susceptible are they to germs?

Braunschweig (dpa / tmn) – Already finished cut melon cubes in retail save the usually laborious and messy cutting of a melon at home. The bite-sized bites can also spoil faster. Therefore, you should only buy optically perfect goods that are stored at a maximum of 7 degrees Celsius, advises the Food and Veterinary Institute Braunschweig (LVI).

It is best to consume the sliced ​​fruit quickly after purchase or to store it immediately in a cool place to minimize the multiplication of germs.

The institute has been carrying out spot checks for five years to determine whether the freshly cut melons are contaminated with germs when they are purchased. Since 2016, it has tested 69 samples for germs such as salmonella and listeria. The results so far have been positive: during this period there was only one sample that was already mushy, smelled sour and was no longer considered fit for consumption.

The Bavarian Consumer Advice Center advises small children, the elderly, pregnant women and people with a weakened immune system to avoid fresh-cut products as a precaution.


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