people shoot the scene on the phone


Tragedy in Crema, where a woman sprinkled herself with flammable liquid and then set herself on fire in a field near a restaurant. To tell the scene was a passerby who stopped to help her trying to put out the flames first with a towel and then with a fire extinguisherbut unable to avoid the death of the woman.

Donna sets herself on fire and dies

Law enforcement officers are trying to reconstruct what happened and why the victim made the extreme gesture. In the meantime, the citizen who tried to save her wrote to the mayor of Crema to report how about twenty people stopped to film the scene with their mobile phone instead of giving aid. Once the sanitary workers arrived, about 15 minutes after the alarm, the woman was already dead: impossible to determine if she would have saved herself with the help of the other citizens, “but people with cell phones from the parking lot of the vehicle he left me stunned“.

The first citizen Stefania Bonaldi then shared her testimony explaining that the victim has not yet been identified and the dynamics of what has happened are not yet known. But what the first rescuer told “is spine-chilling“. While believing that not everyone can have the readiness and cold blood to intervene when a person sets himself on fire, he cannot understand how the spectators had the coldness to take the phone and immortalize the scene instead of rushing to help or calling for help .

What have we become? What if that woman had been our daughter, sister, wife, mother? What can make us so insensitive and detached from the suffering of others? Why this indifference?“She finally wondered.


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