Police arrest attackers on Bremen university roof


Major police operation on the Bremen university campus: A man injures another and escapes to a roof. The alleged murder weapon: an iron rod.

Bremen (dpa) – With an iron bar, a 62-year-old injured another man on Friday at the Bremen university campus. Then he took refuge on the roof of a university building and was only overwhelmed and arrested by police officers hours later.

The 50-year-old victim had to go to the hospital, but could be questioned by the criminal police about the outcome. No information was given on the background of the crime. The investigation was still ongoing, the police said in the afternoon.

The alleged attacker hit the 50-year-old with the pole in a building in the morning. The victim was able to get to safety. Then, after initial investigations, the attacker attacked a 52-year-old woman who managed to save herself unscathed. The 62-year-old finally fled to the roof.

In fact, he triggered a major police operation. It was initially unclear how big the situation really was. That’s why the entire emergency team started, said police spokesman Nils Matthiesen. There was no information on the motif and other backgrounds.

Meanwhile rumors were circulating on the Internet that the man should have an ax with him. The spokesman did not confirm that. Heavily armed special forces were also involved in the operation.

The five-story university building was largely cordoned off, with almost two dozen police, fire and emergency services vehicles on site. University staff were led outside by the police from the affected building. Eyewitnesses reported that in the meantime two people were talking to the suspect on the roof. Nearby, the word “bullying” was sprayed on the roof in red capital letters. It was unclear whether this was possibly due to the fact.


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