“Positive case tracking ability”


The virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco spoke about the increase in cases of coronavirus in Veneto, focusing on the ripple of the infections, an aspect that worries most. The professor of the University of Milan always invites the maintenance of anticovid measures, however he is satisfied with the epidemiological management on the national territory.

Pregliasco: “Concerned about the ripple of the infections”

Interviewed by Adkronos health, the virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco commented on the data collected in Veneto related to coronavirus infections: “The 379 cases of today, with the important hotbed in Veneto, they are a telltale sign of a ripple that worries. Although compared to other European countries we’re still in better shape. I think the tracking capability that is emerging locally is positive. But we must keep our guard up“.

Despite the surge in cases, the teacher ofUniversity of Milan shows no concern, but trust: “It is right to be optimistic but also absolutely prudent and vigilant to monitor the pathology of which we now see the relatively better part”.

Trust in tests

A trust well placed especially in the swabs:We are experiencing a substantially happy situation even if the trend of these days is upward with very low number of cases, identified with proactive action. Many of these subjects are asymptomatic, which at the beginning of the epidemic we were unable to intercept because the lack of tampons meant that the latter were used only on people with symptoms”.

In conclusion, the virologist recalls the use of the mask: “The tan with the sign of the mask would make absolutely no sense, but you have to use it when you need it”.


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