Princess Giorgiana Corsini dies at sea at Argentario


The princess Giorgiana Corsini, animator of the Florentine cultural and artistic life, founder of the exhibition ‘Crafts and Palace’ in the historic Palazzo Corsini in Florence, died of an illness while swimming in the Argentario waters. He was 80 years old. She was born in Varese on August 3, 1939 as Giorgiana Avogadro of Valdengo and Collobiano, was married to Prince Filippo Corsini, 83 years old, with whom she had four children: Duccio, Elena Sabina, Nencia and Elisabetta Fiona.

Urgently transported to the Grosseto hospital in red code with the helicopter rescue, attempts to save the noblewoman hit by a probable heart attack were, however, useless. Giorgiana Corsini, who used to bathe in the Giannella area early in the morning, was on vacation in the family farm in the southern Maremma, ‘La Marsiliana’, between Albinia and Manciano (Grosseto), where she would celebrate on Monday his birthday.

Giorgiana Avogadro of Valdengo and Collobiano spends his adolescence and years of his training in Turin and graduates from the School of Interpreters in Geneva in 1962. He marries Filippo Corsini in 1963. After the wedding the couple moves to Barberino Val d ‘ Elsa (Fi), where he takes over the farm from Filippo’s parents and where he decides to give birth and raise his four children. In 1989, after the death of the in-laws, Donna Giorgiana and Don Filippo left Barberino with the family and moved to Florence, to Palazzo Corsini sul Prato. The energy, dynamism and great passion of Princess Giorgiana for good and beautiful things have led her over the years to conceive, develop and manage multiple initiatives, to which she always manages to give an elegant and original touch: from an activity of rental of luxury villas in Tuscany for English, in the days when there were no multimedia platforms yet, to a travel agency that takes her around the world; from cultural commitments and benefits to the preservation of family homes: Barberino Val d’Elsa, Castello di Marsiliana, Palazzo Corsini sul Prato in Florence, with its wonderful seventeenth-century garden. “I hate to see things go wrong. It is a matter of respect. Money is a gift, you are privileged if you have it and it is an obligation to use it for the good and beauty at the service of all”, the noblewoman loved to repeat.

And her commitment has not stopped at the aesthetic structural aspect: Giorgiana Corsini has gone, in fact, in search of those occasions that can pay homage to family places, reworking them of art and life thanks to watercolor courses, the rehearsals of the Choir of the Accademia del Diletto and the magnificence of the work of ‘Artigianato e Palazzo’, shows, as the creator explained, “not of craftsmanship but of craftsmen”, one of the occasions when the lush garden of Palazzo Corsini opens the gates to the public. ‘Artigianato a Palazzo’ was born in 1995 and the XXVI edition is scheduled from 17 to 20 September. In 2013 Filippo and Giorgiana Corsini inherited Villa Renacci in San Giovanni Valdarno (Ar), to which they gave new life and where they still continued to stay for long periods. “Her great curiosity, love for art and craftsmanship and the opportunity to travel and get to know, offer Princess Corsini the opportunity to recreate and customize the experiences of her life, to propose them and make them accessible to everyone. those who want to benefit from it, “he wrote of himself in a biography. Prince of Sismano, Duke of Casigliano and Civitella, Giorgiana’s husband, Filippo Corsini is the heir of one of the oldest surnames in Italy: the Corsini of Florence, bankers and merchants, who came from Poggibonsi (Si) around 1100 and mentioned in the ‘Chronic’ by Giovanni Villani. Among the numerous historical properties scattered throughout Tuscany, the family owns the Palazzo Corsini in Florence (on the Lungarno Corsini, still partly inhabited by the family, with the 17th-18th century picture gallery, and often rented for events and ceremonies), the Casino del Prato, the Le Corti farm in San Casciano Val di Pesa (Fi). From their union four children were born: Duccio (1964), married to Clotilde Trentinaglia de Daverio (from whom Filippo, Elena Clarice and Selvaggia); Elena Sabina (1966), married to Brando Quilici (hence Corso); Nencia (1969), married to Benedetto Bolza, with whom Giorgiana Nerina, Vita, Olimpia and Geza; Elizabetta Fiona (1969), from which Leone, Neri and Zara Boatto, Fiamma, Fabiola and Lucio di San Giuliano.

NARDELLA – “I am deeply saddened by the sudden death of Giorgiana Corsini, historical founder of the exhibition Crafts and Palace. Enthusiastic, loyal, full of ideas and pragmatism, she animated Florence with her energy” says the Mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella. “Her disappearance is a serious loss for the whole city and occurs in a very difficult moment for the world of craftsmanship, which she has always tried to enhance by focusing on the excellence of tradition and projecting them into the future”. “Giorgiana Corsini was the protagonist of the Florentine cultural life, giving birth to many initiatives aimed at keeping the traditions of the artisans alive and promoting art – continues Mayor Nardella – and since 1995 she has curated the creation of the exhibition Crafts and Palace, in the Garden of Palazzo Corsini, which has become a traditional and popular event. Last year we wanted to give the Fiorino d’Oro to Artigianato and Palazzo for its commitment to recovering the concept of a Renaissance workshop and for its great openness to young people “. “Today we are losing a great Florentine – concluded the mayor -. To my family and many friends, my deepest condolences and those of the council and the municipal administration”.

NERI TORRIGIANI – “Curious, cosmopolitan, great lover of art and music, Giorgiana Corsini has been a point of reference for all of us and for our artisans in these years, with whom she never stopped staying in contact and for whom he immediately made all his energies available. We lose the one who supported us, stimulated us to look further, helped us to overcome the difficulties without ever giving up and making us always feel part of a single team “. This is how Neri Torrigiani, promoter of the “Artigianato e Palazzo” market exhibition, recalls the missing princess with whom he founded the exhibition 26 years ago. “Craftsmanship and Palazzo” with “deep pain communicates the sudden disappearance of woman Giorgiana Corsini, soul of the exhibition, who wanted to organize for 26 years for the great and sincere passion that brought her closer to the world of craftsmanship,” wrote Neri Torrigiani with Caterina Romig, Chiara Fioravanti and Maddalena Torricelli.


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