Rachel is unleashed against those who do not comply with anti-coronavirus rules


The outpouring of a nurse who threw herself againstall those imbeciles who keep saying that the coronavirus it’s over“. By observing those who violate the anti-contagion rules, his feeling is indeed that of having made all efforts vain in the warm months of the pandemic.

Coronavirus: a nurse’s outburst

After posting a photograph with the clothing of those who work in the wards with infected patients, he wanted to address his anger towards those who no longer respect the name on social distancing and no longer wear masks but also to governmentguilty of giving theok to some reopenings like those of dance clubs.

These are his words, removed a few hours later: “You did well to reopen the discos, it was of primary necessity. And you do well to go around without a mask, you do really well. You deserve extinction“. Then the thrust towards those who worked to praise and define heroes as the doctors in the front line and now seems to have changed their attitude: “The only medal we deserve is the one for not having yet committed a massacre against idiots who populate this land. reflect“.

A post that has provoked opposite reactions and that seems to have also reached the North West ASL, which would have considered the woman’s words too excessive as well as the tones she used. Currently in Tuscan hospitals there are no coronavirus patients admitted to intensive care, while at San Luca there are three in that of ordinary hospitalization.


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