Reading by Philippe Caubère, Irish tale, music and theater on the program of the Footsbarn festival in the Allier


Every summer, the Footsbarn Theater troupe transforms its Bourbonnais farm into a place of reception and residence for troops from all over the world. On the program this year, musical readings, concerts, plays, circus shows and lots of magic.

The “Letters from my mill” by Caubère

Despite the cancellation of the Avignon festival, Philippe caubere decided to present his new show in the Citée des Papes. Alone on stage, the actor revisits the Letters of my mill. It was in complete privacy, in the small room of the Condition des Soies that he gave his first performances of the Alphonse Daudet classic. At Maillet, he will finally be able to test his new creation in front of a larger assembly. “I was able to play eight times in Avignon and therefore I arrive here in good shape, the show will take its first steps in a place a little more open“, says the actor who polishes his last rehearsals.

“The Cauldron of Gold”, a fantastic Irish tale

This year, the company from Great Britain returns to its origins and presents The Cauldron of Gold. The Footsbarn takes over Irish tales, a country he particularly likes. “In Ireland, they still believe in little fairies and spirits, you can go to places to listen to the sound of fairies “, says the actor and director, Paddy Hayter.

The premiere of (…)

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