‘Rebuilding the bridge in two years? Nothing extraordinary, it must be normal “


AGI. – “We have done something that must be considered normal: the huge mistake is to consider it an extraordinary thing and to say that the Genova model was possible only because dramatic things happened. “Two days after the cutting of the ribbon of the new bridge over the Polcevera, Genova San Giorgio, the mayor and commissioner for reconstruction, Marco Bucci, while very satisfied with the As a result, he confided to AGI not to think that what had been accomplished in less than two years since the dramatic collapse of Morandi was an exceptional feat.

“We have done exactly what happens in private companies, especially in multinationals – he explains – we do project management, evaluate the best option, work according to predefined rules, and we have used the European procurement code, especially the article 32, you take your own responsibilities, because if people don’t, the system won’t work, we roll up all our sleeves 24 hours a day. All of this in the world is normal: it cannot be an exception, because when it becomes, it means that you are not working, you are not checking, there are sly people “.

‘Two years the right time, we could have done it even less’

Here is the secret of a successful company: that of a construction site that started in December 2018 with the demolition of the Morandi and ended in July 2020 under the eyes of the whole world. It is only by following this practice, Bucci continues “that in the end we manage to do things in the right times: I don’t think 2 years is an exceptional time, I am a fair time. Rather, we could have done it earlier, if we hadn’t had the asbestos problem that took us 2 dry months. Or bad weather, with another month. Two or three months we could have earned them – he says – if we hadn’t had these problems “.

Asbestos was the main problem encountered during these 24 months of work: “Asbestos was a surprise and we had to carry out a two-month study to understand how to make the explosion (for the demolition of the Morandi viaduct, editor’s note) without risking contamination with dust: sequential explosions, waterfalls “. In addition, the coronavirus epidemic. But it was not insurmountable, Bucci says: “With the covid we never stopped the construction site and even there we showed that things can be done – he says – All the other Italian shipyards have followed us with the same procedures” .

Anti-mafia checks worked

A construction site that has also made school for anti-mafia checks: “We followed a digital technique, suggested by Dr. Di Lecce (ex chief prosecutor of Genoa, editor’s note), who wanted to come and help us in retirement. He suggested the cross-check with the database: this allowed us to control not only companies, but individuals. It is clear that the companies that seemed perfect – Bucci points out – that with the procurement code would have been perfect, in reality they used people who were not doing well, but we “caught” them immediately “. This is all “the Genova model” according to the mayor: “This system, like the rest, is perfectly reproducible everywhere”.

A fundamental chapter, for the system to work, however, is money: “On the speech of the payer – says the first citizen – when one does the client can pay, exactly as Aspi did. When we asked Autostrade to pay, he paid: it is nothing transcendental. It works like this in all parts of the world. I want to underline the fact that it is exactly the normal procedure, it is not exceptional: what we do every day in Italy is “, underlined the mayor.

“I never thought we wouldn’t make it”, adds the mayor. No hesitation for the first citizen who, in the face of the result achieved, addresses a thought to those who have worked day and night on the construction site for the past 2 years: “It was an exceptional job for the workers: let’s not forget the demolition ones, besides to those of the reconstruction. There was a worker from Bergamo who climbed on the stumps with the steel wire to cut the pieces of the bridge which were then lowered with the strand jacks – Bucci wanted to remember – We all remember him and this is just a Example: These people have done an exceptional job that they will remember for a lifetime and that they will tell their children. Their name will be engraved on the steel plate that will be placed on a pile. ”

Bucci will remain commissioner until November

With the inauguration of the new viaduct on the Polcevera, on Monday 3rd August, the mayor Marco Bucci will not stop being commissioner. He confirmed this to AGI himself, explaining that “this is a completely new procedure that Minister De Micheli illustrated to us in a letter about four weeks ago. The commissioner signs a memorandum of understanding in which it entrusts the upper part of the – the bridge destined for circulation – to the Ministry of Infrastructure and the ministry gives it to the concessionaire – specified Bucci – in the next four months, until November, work will continue under and inside the bridge, always under the responsibility of the commissioner structure which, obviously, entrusts them to PerGenova. While the part above is entrusted to the concessionaire who therefore has full responsibility for it “. Therefore the commissioner structure “is alive until the technical-administrative testing and all the work is completed. By closing the construction site, which is expected at the end of November, completing the payments and excluding appeals, which I don’t think there will be, the commissioner structure will be able to end its mission “.

Bad weather unknown on the inauguration

Meanwhile a loominginauguration with the unknown of bad weather, given that rain is expected on Monday: “Wet bride lucky bride – comments Bucci – there will be 1000 umbrellas ready for everyone and coverage for a part of the guests”. “I think that the city of Genoa cannot delay the opening of the bridge for a little rain and then the real sailors meet the rough sea”, he smiles. Maybe the rain can hide even a little emotion: “The feeling I felt the first time I got on the bridge – says the mayor – is that it is huge. The second one, which is open. There are no more stays and there is a great visibility on the fort Belvedere on one side, on the hill of Coronata on the other and then on the whole Valpolcevera. When you are above it it seems almost an aircraft carrier where a plane could land. If I am moved, I will say it was rain ” .


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