Recognize fake brands in online shops


They are cheap and look deceptively real: counterfeit products are difficult to identify on online sites. Which criteria consumers should check before clicking the «Pay» button.

Kehl (dpa / tmn) – handbags, watches or T-shirts: Those who shop online often find it difficult to determine whether they are genuine branded products. Therefore, consumers should compare the price of a product before buying, advises the Center for European Consumer Protection. If a shop offers the goods much cheaper than official retailers, you should be puzzled.

It is also worth reading reviews and ratings about the online shop. But caution is also required here: such reviews can be fake. Therefore: stay critical.

Consumers should also take a closer look at the homepage itself: are all contact and address details in the imprint? Can the seller be contacted? And are the conditions for cancellation and payment clarified?

Spelling and grammatical errors or pixelated images can be an indication that the shop is selling counterfeits or plagiarisms. On the official website of a brand, however, there are often lists of recognized sales partners.

Obviously, if everything fits, a secure payment method should be chosen. Avoid prepayment and choose a payment by credit card or PayPal. With these payment options, it is often possible to get the money back.


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