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Stand-up comedy premiere for ex-soccer manager Reiner Calmund: Oliver Pocher’s late night show “Pocher – dangerously honest” offered the formerly obese and now slender Rhinelander a comedy stage that Calmund primarily used for jokes used his former overweight.

Oliver Pocher has a new show “Pocher – dangerously honest”.

For pithy sayings he was already known as a manager in the football business, so far Reiner Calmund has not been allowed to try out as a stand-up comedian. But exactly this stage offered him Oliver Pocher’s program “Pocher – dangerously honest” on Thursday evening. Like various prominent guests before him, the 71-year-old was also allowed to celebrate his stand-up premiere on Pocher’s show and try to convince the studio audience with his gags. And the host raised the bar before the performance: “I’ve already seen it in rehearsal. It’s really excellent how he does it.” Clear the stage for “Calli”.

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Reiner Calmund has lost a lot of weight. (Image: Getty Images)

The physical appearance of the otherwise corpulent Rhinelander was particularly striking. At his stand-up appearance, Calmund presented himself clearly slimmer than usual – as usual self-ironic. After a stomach reduction, the former soccer manager from Bayer Leverkusen lost a total of 54 kilos. “Do you know how much that is?” He asked his audience. “I used to eat so much on a nice barbecue evening,” said the 71-year-old cheerfully about his previous eating habits.

Because, of course, the former obesity offered plenty of punch lines to incorporate into his comedy appearance – and Calmund made extensive use of the topic. “I was as fat as the big brother of the Michelin man. I looked like a double whopper with ears,” he relentlessly put himself and his excess pounds on the shovel – and added another one: “The kids already have Joking: ‘What type of blood does papa have?’ – ‘Mayonnaise’ “, says Calmund about his cheeky offspring.

“Fat men are practical …”

Airplane jokes are widely used in the comedy scene, but Reiner Calmund did not miss the chance to make a joke about it – which of course also alludes to his weight. Above the clouds, in the narrow airplane seat, he always feels like a “walrus in a sardine can”.

Nevertheless, he also broke a comedic lance for men who have a little too much on their ribs: “Fat men are practical: in summer they provide shade, in winter they provide warmth.” He also noted: “Many have drunk stupidly, but none have eaten stupid yet.” And what did the professional comedian think of the performance? Oliver Pocher watched Reiner Calmund’s stand-up world premiere with an amused grin.

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