Remodeled, deconfined and festive, the “1001 notes en Limousin” festival is reinvented in an intimate version


“It’s calm, it’s cool and the music is great. What a great group of musicians!” The enthusiasm of the spectators gathered at the Mazeau park in Saint-Priest-Taurion near Limoges sets the tone. They may be few in number, well spaced from each other, alchemy operates. It must be said that the program of the festival has something to seduce.

On stage resounds the aerial voice of Rosemary Standley. In the company of the whole Contrast, the singer, made famous within the group Moriarty, revisits Schubert’s classic tunes punctuating them with jazz and flamenco. She chose 1001 notes in Limousin to present this reinterpretation and his new album.

Desecrate Schubert

“The idea is to try to take Schubert elsewhere to rediscover him differently, she explains. And maybe make people discover the composer who wouldn’t listen to him, desacralize him too. “

Like the Rosemary Standley concert, 1001 notes in Limousin seeks to anchor classical music in our time by combining styles and arts. The big names of the classical scene rub shoulders with artists from the performing arts, singers, dancers and actors. An eclectic program dear to its director, Albin de La Tour. It is in part thanks to his enthusiasm that the (…)

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