Review of the sequel with Denzel Washington starring


Six years after the first chapter, the increasingly vindictive executioner returns Robert McCall, interpreted by Denzel Washington, in the sequel The Equalizer 2 – Without forgiveness.

There is a director Antoine Fuqua (known for Attack on Power – Olympus has fallen of 2013), while the script is always by Richard Wenk.

In the summer of 2018, the release date, the film had good box office success. In fact, in the first weekend in the US theaters it ranked first, with a collection of 36 million dollars.

This is the fourth collaboration between Denzel Washington and the director Fuqua, after the films of Training Day (with the victory of the American actor of theOscar for best leading actor in 2002), The Equalizer- the avenger, e The magnificent 7.

The cast of Equalizer 2 – Without forgiveness

After the success of the first chapter, Denzel Washington returns to take on the role of the super executioner ex agent of the DIA Robert McCall. Also noteworthy is the presence of another Oscar award come Melissa Leo, who plays Susan Plummer, CIA agent and friend of McCall.

The other actors involved are: Pedro Pascal (recently appreciated in the Disney TV series plus The mandalorian), Ashton Sanders, Bill Pullman (present in the recent Bad waters of 2019 alongside the actor Mark Ruffalo) e Orson Bean.

The plot of the movie

Robert McCall is a former DIA agent who, after a difficult past as a United States secret agent, now leads a quiet life in Brussels where he works as a private driver.

And despite this, he cannot accept the wave of crimes that overwhelm the city, pushing him to to kill those who are stained with terrible deeds, such as rape and child abduction.

The situation worsens when Susan Plummer, CIA agent, dies from the attack of two thugs in a Brussels hotel. McCall immediately investigates to avenge his friend.

The Equalizer 2 review – Without forgiveness

The film has many flaws because it deals with the themes of violence and justice with much superficiality. The characters are inconsistent, because they do the opposite of what they say, in addition to the fact that in many situations the characters behave as seen and reviewed stereotypes.

It must be added then that the infallible McCall is a kind of indestructible superhero, without weak points. At no point in history are we led to think that he cannot do it, and this makes the film flat and devoid of real emotions.

Especially in an era where James Bond can bleed and where even superheroes Marvel, taken from comics (Spiderman e Iron Man), have known defeat, in a film like The Equalizer 2 the treatment reserved for the protagonist is frankly embarrassing.

On a plot level, the only positive aspect is the development of McCall’s character who, after the first investigations, discovers that the enemies he has to fight with are not terrorists or criminals, but other members of the secret services, faithful friends of a time with which he risked his life several times.


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