Rome, attacked while walking the dog: young arrested


Rome, August 1. (askanews) – It happened yesterday morning in the African district of the capital. The victim, a 55-year-old Italian, was walking her dog when suddenly, she was grabbed from behind by a man who, after forcing her against a fence that delimits the road from private land, immobilized her and started to grope her in the private parts. The woman, who after a first moment of fear, in which she remained paralyzed without finding the strength to react, started screaming managing to put her attacker to flight and call 112 Nue.

Rescued by the agents of a steering wheel of the State Police, she told the operators what had happened and provided them with a detailed description of the criminal. The policemen at that point issued a search note to all the steering wheels that came to the area who, in a short time, tightened the circle around the wanted man and intercepted him near Piazza Gimma.

When he realized that he had fallen into the police network, now trapped, the man attempted a last desperate attempt to escape but, after a long pursuit, was finally reached and stopped by the agents of the Vescovio police station, directed by Manuela Rubinacci, with the help of the agents of the Fidene Serpentara police station, directed by Fabio Germani and of the Flying Section, directed by Giuseppe Sangiovanni.

At the end of the ritual investigations, HO, 25 year old, Italian, – who is not new to such episodes – was arrested and taken to prison. He will have to answer for the crime of sexual violence.


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