Rome invaded by waste, also removed an incubator


A total of over 2,100 tons of bulky waste illegally abandoned on public land, collected by Ama in the first 6 months of the year. The overall figure is slightly down compared to the same period last year, but this depends on the 2 months of lockdown. Technicians and managers of the company have in fact found, starting from May, a return to the old and bad habits of indiscriminate abandonment on public soil. This was communicated in a note from AMA SpA

From an average of 6-7 tons per day removed in April (in full lockdown), we have in fact moved to 10-12 tons per day at the beginning of May (start “phase 2”), up to almost 20 at the end of June (“phase 3 “). It was a real escalation of incorrect abandonments, which concerned unusual objects (from an incubator to a skeleton of a boat and some paddles), vintage (semi-antique sofa sofa), dangerous (professional slicer, size – rusty herbs), special (rubble and building waste), traditional (the inevitable sofas, armchairs, nets, mattresses, tires, furniture).

Of the over 2,100 tons of materials removed and sent for recycling, the vast majority is represented by bulky municipalities (mattresses, sofas, furniture, etc.) with over 1,770 tons, followed by WEEE (waste from electrical and electronic equipment) with about 310 tons and from tires with almost 30 tons. The city quadrant most subject to the phenomenon is the EAST one (Municipalities IV, V, VI, VII) with about 12,500 operations carried out and more than 770 tons removed in the first 6 months of 2020, equal to about a third of the total of the whole city. This is instead the virtual podium of the most affected roads: via di Tor Vergata with 163 interventions by the Ama teams, followed closely by via della Marranella with 162 and, more detached, via Prenestina with 145.

“These are real criminal acts against the environment by uncivilized and empty cellars that deface and offend the city – underlines the CEO of AMA SpA, Stefano Zaghis -. The serious damage to the environment is compounded by the fact that unfortunately the entire community pays the bill, given that Ama is forced to laborious and, above all, onerous additional activities to deal with these illicit phenomena. Just think that to remove the 2,100 tons of bulky materials in the first half of 2020, the Capitoline Municipal Office for the Environment was forced to pay more than 1 million and 230 thousand euros “.

The targeted removal service of bulky materials abandoned on the road is carried out daily, from Monday to Saturday, throughout the territory of Rome, with the total use of up to 36 dedicated teams for each day. The interventions take place on the basis of the daily reports of both the area technicians who monitor the territory and the reports of citizens through the appropriate channels. Finally, please note that there are 3 free channels made available to citizens to easily get rid of those materials that must absolutely not be sent to roadside bins: the company collection centers, the home collection service, currently on the street level, for materials up to 2 cubic meters in volume and the monthly Sunday collection with “Your neighborhood is not a landfill”.


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