Rome steals money from the offertory and flees with the parish priest’s car


Rome, August 2. (askanews) – He entered the church of Santa Maria Stella in Fiumicino, and after having stolen the money contained in the offertory, he also stole the keys of the parish priest’s car and fled to Rome with the car. Unfortunately for the thief, a 40-year-old Roman from Fiumicino, with precedents, the trip ended a few hours later, in viale Gregorio VII, where the Carabinieri of the Radiomobile Nucleo of Rome denounced him on the loose with the charges of receiving stolen goods and damage.

The military – it explains in a note – were carrying out checks on road traffic when they stopped the man driving the small car. It was the verification at the terminals that allowed the military to discover that the vehicle they were checking had been stolen a few hours earlier, and the owner, the parish priest, had just reported the theft. The 40-year-old was immediately stopped and taken to the barracks. “

After the personal search, the military found in the man’s pockets also the cash sum of 65 euros, in coins, which he had subtracted from the offertory, and also some personal belongings of the prelate. All the material found was then returned to the parish priest, who was thus able to return to Fiumicino with his own car.


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