Rope tight on the street, criminal “joke”: 22 year old injured


They tended a rubber rope in the middle of the roadway, tied and stretched to two light poles on opposite pavements: the “joke” has become one trap for a 22 year old who passed by scooter. After reporting the displaced fracture of the tibia and 30 days of prognosis, the girl told the carabinieri of Santarcangelo di Romagna (Rimini) everything.

It seems to have been a crazy game of kids, a “criminal joke”, and some of them have already been identified and reported to the Juvenile Prosecutor. The incident occurred on Tuesday evening.

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The mayor of Santarcangelo, Alice Parma, who in a note, after expressing the proximity of the municipal administration to the injured girl, launched “an appeal to the authors of the gesture”.

“I invite you – he wrote – to spontaneously introduce you to the Carabinieri Station of Santarcangelo together with your parents, also because the military of the Arma have already acquired the images of some cameras that have filmed the incident and are proceeding to identify people involved. “

According to what has been reconstructed, the driver was the first to pass on the rope, which was not found by the carabinieri. Feeling that he has touched something, man has therefore braked sharply, so the girl on the scooter coming from behind would have fallen in an attempt not to crash the car.

The military is holding images of some private cameras, which immortalize a group of four children running away after the accident. One of these would have been recognized for a particular hair. It’s about a group of young people between 16 and 17 years old.

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