Rugby – ENG – England: the women and the teams of 7 victims of budget cuts?


To reduce its expenses in the face of the coronavirus crisis, the English Federation should revise downwards the number of contracts – and their level of remuneration – concerning its women’s team and those of rugby sevens. At the beginning of July, Bill Sweeney, executive director of the English Federation (RFU), had announced a plan of drastic budget cuts to deal with the coronavirus crisis. A plan which notably provided for the elimination of 139 jobs (out of 594) and wage cuts for the remainder, while the RFU budgeted 107 million pounds (around 118 million euros) in losses due to the coronavirus crisis which notably led to the closure of Twickenham, the Federation’s cash machine . In a document that was obtained The Guardian, the RFU details its cuts in the wage bill. And the number of jobs cut would in fact climb to 169. The sector hardest hit would be that which works for the development of rugby in the country, with 130 employees maintained, out of 234. Other victims include the XV de la Rose feminine and the men’s and women’s teams of 7. To date, the RFU has accumulated 58 federal contracts in these three teams. A figure that would fall to 30 according to the document released by The Guardian. The septists would be the most likely not to see their contracts – which expire at the end of August – renewed, especially since the world circuit will not resume before 2021. For renewed contracts, the salary proposals should be further reduced by 25%. Recall that the two teams of seven are qualified for the Tokyo Olympics which will take place in a year while the girls of the XV will participate in the World Cup in New Zealand in September and October 2021.


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