Rupert Murdoch, the Shark with a passion for young women


AGI – The ex hostess, the journalist, the businesswoman, the ex super model. Rupert Murdoch was not only defined by Rupert Murdoch’s life and career, but also by his four wives. Murdoch, 89, Australian from Melbourne, founder of News Corp. and undisputed leader of what is perhaps the largest empire in the world of information and telecommunication, today it is at the center of an editorial earthquake due to the departure of his son, James, from the family business.

It owes part of his reputation as a ruthless businessman to a tumultuous love life dotted with four marriages, three divorces and six children. With an estimated value of nearly 17 billion, the Murdoch empire includes Fox News, the London Times and the Wall Street Journal. In his private life, Murdoch, nicknamed “The shark”, was voracious as in business and always attracted to beautiful, fatal and much younger women, apart from his first wife, Patricia Booker, known in 1956 when both were 25 years old.

Patricia has been with him for eleven years and has given him her first daughter, Prudence. “Her mother – Patricia Booker, who passed away in 2000 years ago at Vanity Fair, always thought I wasn’t up to par.”

After less than a year after the divorce, Murdoch married the journalist and writer Anna Torv, with whom he had three children: Elisabeth, Lachlan and James, the youngest, who left the board of directors of News Corp on Friday en route to the family. Divorce, the second in the series, in ’99. And in this case too, Murdoch had a new life in a short time, this time lightning: just 17 days after separating from his wife, the Australian tycoon married the Chinese-born American entrepreneur Wendi Deng, 37 years younger than him.

Two children were born from the marriage, Grace, who is now 19 years old, and Chloe, 17. But it was not the last. Four years ago Murdoch got married for the fourth time, this time with supermodel and actress Jerry Hall, 64, former historical companion of the Rolling Stone icon, Mick Jagger. Just this one did not take the news of the wedding well, commenting with a little elegant: “It is disgusting”. But now, Hall recently confessed, her ex-husband has “accepted it with a sporting spirit”, to the delight of the old and timeless Murdoch.


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