Sale at the start across Italy


Summer sales finally underway. After the early opening of Sicily and Calabria (on 1st July), Campania (21st July) and Piedmont, Lombardy and Friuli-Venezia Giulia (last week), end-of-season sales start today in all the remaining regions on Saturday 1st August. Italy. According to an analysis by Confesercenti-Swg, the public is growing, 6 out of 10 Italians will make purchases but the expected budget drops to 116 euros per person with a 20% drop.

According to the usual Confesercenti-Swg survey on the end of season sales, conducted on a sample of a thousand consumers and 600 companies in the clothing and footwear trade, the prospects are timidly positive, with a growing consumer interest: 6 out of 10 Italians have already decided to buy (or already purchased, in regions where sales have already started). A figure almost double the 33% recorded during the summer sales of last year. On the other hand, the average budget for purchases is down, going to 116 euros, 20% less than what was allocated last year (146 euros).

The comparison with last year is conditioned by the shifting of the departure dates. Usually, in fact, reports Confesercenti, the summer sales start on the first weekend of July, while this year the State Regions Conference has decided to postpone the opening of the sales on sale to August 1, given the difficult restart: in the two months of full reopening of activities (June and July), the companies in the sector recorded an average drop of 26% in turnover. The choice to postpone the sales, however, divided the traders: 50% share the move, while 33% said they were against it. Two out of ten stores, for this reason, have practiced pre-sale promotions in July.

Advances or not, consumers still seem oriented to take advantage of the opportunity of sales on multiple sales channels. With good forecasts for independent stores: 29% indicate that they want to make their purchases here, a share slightly less than those who choose the big chains (33%). 26% will also buy in an outlet, while 16% will go to a brand franchise store. Instead, a quarter (25%) of respondents will shop online.

Shoes and T-shirts are the most sought after products in the purchases that today see the definitive start, throughout Italy, of the summer sales. According to Confesercenti-Swg research, footwear is on the list of purchases to be made by 56% of consumers who will participate in the sales, 48% for T-shirts. Higher percentages than usual, perhaps indicating ‘postponed purchases’ in recent months. In the customers’ wishes, shirts and blouses (indicated by 32%), underwear (26%) and costumes (18%) follow.


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