Sale, here are the anti Covid measures


Sale at the start, with discounts uphill. “Even if the departure is muted, both for the error of not having sent them all over Italy on the same date, and because in many regions, such as Lazio, promotional sales within 30 days were allowed, by way of derogation from the legislation that preceded the end of season sales, both because it started too late, during the holiday period, this year the discounts are higher than those applied last year. In short, you can do good business “says Massimiliano Dona, president of the Union National Consumers.

According to the study of the National Consumers Union, in fact, for clothing the drop in prices is 22.5%, a marked increase compared to July 2019, when the discount was 21.1%. For footwear, the drop is 22.2%, 2.5 percentage points higher than the 19.7% of last year. Overall, the discount for clothing and footwear is 22.4%, up compared to last summer (20.9%).

“Some consumers want to be reassured about the safety of purchases in the Covid era. Can they be tried on or not? It’s just one of the many questions that consumers have asked us. For this reason, to reassure them, we decided to make a vademecum ad hoc with the right precautions to be taken “concludes Dona.

Here are the recommendations of the National Consumer Union for safe shopping.

First of all, UNC recommends that you do not go into shops that do not have hand disinfection detergent at the entrance of the shop or where the merchant does not wear a mask, which, it should be remembered, must be worn in accessible indoor places. to the public and in any case on all occasions in which it is not possible to continuously guarantee the maintenance of the safety distance. Also check if there are disposable gloves available to customers.

So, take a look inside before entering. Accesses should be regulated and staggered. For rooms up to forty square meters, one person can access it at a time, in addition to a maximum of two operators. If, therefore, you see gatherings, stay away, at least until the crowd is less (which is still an indication that good practices are not being respected in that shop, therefore, if you enter, pay more caution) . In any case, there must be information to ensure the distancing of customers awaiting entry.

Always wear the mask and disinfect your hands both at the entrance and at the exit, they are among the main advice of the UNC. Also, use disposable gloves made available to customers. The ISS, in fact, suggests to the merchants that it would be better if the customer entered the shop without gloves, instead using the disposable ones provided by the operator, to be sure they are clean.

Test of the garments: preventive verification. The merchant, UNC points out, should prevent contact with the exposed goods by the customer without gloves. If he does not enforce this rule, it is better not to try on clothes and stay away. Dispensers with hydroalcoholic gels should also be at the entrance of the test booths. The ISS suggests to the merchant, as a possible further precaution, not to make the items tested on the same day available to the customer, leaving them in a ventilated and in any case not humid environment. Therefore, if you see that a garment just worn by another customer is immediately exposed, it is better to turn up your nose.

Another piece of advice regarding the trial of the leaders. It is possible that they will not give you the opportunity to try on the garment. There was never an obligation to try on clothes. It has always been left to the shopkeeper’s discretion. In the past, observes the UNC, we recommended to be wary of these traders, but not this time (it can be an indication of seriousness).

In any case, the ISS suggests to the traders to forbid the test of clothes that can come into contact with the face (for example sweaters or other garments that are put on the head) representing this practice a valid tool to limit the probability of possible contamination of clothing. Finally, it is better to pay by credit card and not by cash, so as not to have a change. On the website of the Ministry of Health, in fact, they suggest washing your hands after using money.


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