Salemme on tour with ‘Napoletano? And make me ‘pizza’


Vincenzo Salemme will be on tour in August and September with the show ‘Napoletano? And famme ‘na pizza’, from his book of the same name published in March for Baldini & Castoldi. The actor, playwright, screenwriter, theatrical and cinematographic director, as well as writer, will be staged this summer starting from August 16 from Gaeta, at the Virgilio arena. On tour with Salemme Antonio Guerriero, Vincenzo Borrino and Mirea Flavia Stellato

Sometimes being Neapolitan is difficult: you must enjoy boiling coffee, eat ragù on Sundays and capitone at Christmas, know how to tell jokes, play the mandolin and sing perfectly the great classics of the Neapolitan song, love pizza above all things, knowing how to swim and bathe in every season of the year … But why, Salemme wondered, only those who are Neapolitan suffer all these claims while those born elsewhere are ultimately freer to be and do what he likes?

The show will then be staged on August 20 in Maiori (Porto); on the 21st in Agropoli (Teatro Sotto Le Stelle E. De Filippo); on the 24th in Benevento (Piazza Cardinale Pacca); on the 25th in Sorrento (Villa Fiorentino); on the 26th in Salerno (Arena del Mare); on the 28th in Candela (Amphitheater); on the 29th in Avella (Amphitheater); on the 30th in Ostia Antica (Roman Amphitheater). On September 3 in Caserta (Belvedere of San Leucio).


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