Sardinia, jet skis to voluntary association for rescue


Rome, August 1. (askanews) – More safety on the beaches and in the waters of the Costa Verde. This morning, in the Marina di Gutturu and Flumini in Arbus, the regional civil protection assigned the twelfth rescue watercraft, with attached equipment, purchased by the regional administration, to the Arbus civil protection volunteers association, engaged in the activities of rescue and rescue at sea, which with professionalism and commitment guarantees the bathing safety service. The regional councilor for environmental protection, with responsibility for civil protection, Gianni Lampis, the general director of civil protection, Antonio Belloi attended the handover ceremony.

“This intervention – explained Councilor Lampis – is part of a strategy that aims to raise the safety level of the coasts. Being able to equip yourself with auxiliary emergency means is fundamental for a Municipality with 47 kilometers of coasts, a sea particularly exposed to the mistral and therefore with a higher index of danger for swimmers who frequent them during the summer. Watercraft – added the exponent of the Giunta Solinas – guarantee speed of action and intervention. They can preside over long stretches of sea and to intervene promptly to safeguard human life at sea “.

This action is part of a broader investment program promoted by the Regional Council, to guarantee safety and protection of the coasts, especially during the summer season, by equipping itself with sophisticated means capable of acting in emergency situations. The use of these emergency vehicles has proved successful in many cases. The water scooters, in fact, are equipped with a powerful jet engine, able to intervene quickly where weather conditions prevent the use of traditional rescue boats.

“The assignment of this type of nautical vessel – concluded Lampis – is an act of responsibility and not only of generosity. It represents a commitment not only for the regional administration, but above all for the foster association, to which our thanks, which will have to guarantee a good use of the vehicle by making the most of its potential and capacity for action. Today the Costa Verde, thanks to the prevention measures on swimming risks, will certainly be safer “.


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