Seehofer criticizes increasing violence against police officers after riots


In the discussion about riots in major German cities, Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) has again taken the police under protection and criticized the increasing violence against the officials. This is a worrying development that requires countermeasures, said the minister of the “Passauer Neue Presse” (Saturday edition). “With all the necessary criticism and control of police work, it must finally be an end to always questioning and defaming our police.”

The CSU politician considers the allegations that there is a serious racism problem in the police to be false. “Individual cases can never be completely ruled out, but I really have no evidence of a structural racism problem in the police,” said Seehofer. That is why he has also refused a corresponding study on possible racism among police officers. Instead, however, there is reason to “investigate the extent of violence against the police and the cause of it”.

Seehofer sees the fact that many rioters with a migration background were involved in the riots in the two cities of Stuttgart and Frankfurt as a sign of integration problems. “This is a clear indication that we have deficits in integration in Germany,” said the minister. The correct answer was “prevention and sanctioning”. In general, violence against young people, with and without a migration background, should not be tolerated against the police. “We have to protect the police,” added Seehofer.

There have been serious riots in Frankfurt and Stuttgart in the past few weeks. Groups of young adults rioted in both cities, injuring police officers and devastating streets and squares.


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